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Chinese dominating

Sunday traditionally began with the semi-finals in the individual disciplines. The two Chinese ZHOU Meng and HAN Qinxi managed to defeat their Japanese and Indonesian rivals. Next to on the field, Canadian Brian YANG managed to defeat the Indonesian seeded no. 1 in three sets. In the final, the Korean Hyeon Seung PARK faces him, who won against another Indonesian.

The finals started with the mixed doubles. In two sets Jiang Zhenbang and Luo Xumin won against their Korean opponents. See what they have to say in the interview. The mixed was followed by the women’s double. A tight and exciting game developed. The spectators were offered long rallies and a lot of fighting spirit. Only in the third set in extra time Guo Lizhi and Li Yijing could cheer. In the men’s doubles it was a bit more clear. Also here a Chinese pairing stood at the top at the end. Di Zijian and Wang Chang, reigning youth world champions, won against Indonesia’s Carnando/Marthin.
All good things come in four. In the women’s singles, they already knew before the final that the winner came from China. Zhou Meng won this duel against her compatriot.
The last game of the day was the final in the men’s singles. Brian Yang (CAN) wanted to make his successful tournament perfect, but was stopped by Hyeon Seung Park (KOR).

As a conclusion, the Chinese dominance cannot be denied. Four out of five titles went to China. The other well-known Asian countries were also successful. From Europe only Denmark and France can keep up with the Asians, except for small exceptions, especially with the playing speed and endurance.

See you next year!

Your EBT Team

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A long day comes to an end…

Only shortly after 10pm the last games were over. Many long rallies, many close three-set games have “delayed” the tournament. Only one “non-Asian”, Brian Yang from Canada, could fight his way to Sunday. He will meet Syabda Perkasa Belawa of Indonesia in tomorrow’s semi-final. France have once again been conspicuous by their many good performances. Christo Popov in particular was beaten by the Chinese Li Yunze in a captivating game after winning a match against a Malaysian. Li Yunze had to give up in the quarter-finals. Also in the double disciplines the spectators got a lot offered. The current world number one and world champion Di/Wang (CHN) were already out shortly before the end, when they could catch up a 16-20 deficit in the third set and could also win the following game. They are now in the final tomorrow. Come by and see for yourself.

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Asia gets serious – Europeans do everything they can to defend themselves

The second tournament day of the YONEX German Junior 2019 showed once again what an enormous level the Asian nations have in their teams. The European nations defended themselves to the best of their ability and were able to put in a few pinpricks here and there to withstand the dominance of the Far East.
Especially in the mixed doubles, China, Korea and Indonesia played powerful, nimble and almost perfectly. Joachim Anneberg and Singe Schulz from Denmark hold up the European flag and two wins allowed them to play their way into the quarter-finals.
From a German point of view, the women’s doubles are particularly pleasing. Both Nguyen/Michalski and Moszczynski/Petrikowski were able to secure a place in today’s round of sixteen. From 11:55 it will be about the popular quarter final places.
The men’s double competition already showed in the first rallies what level of play is required if you want to play your way to the front, if not even to the semi-finals or finals. Experience shows that the Asians with their excellent physical condition can play at a very high pace and put their opponents under pressure. But also here the Danes Joachim Annaberg/Marcus Rindshoj and Raum Espersen/Mathias Perdersen gave an excellent performance and are in the round of 16. But also the English doubles Jones/Yap and Easton/Van Leeuwen could convince.
In the men’s singles, the number 4 seeded Christo Popov from France gives hope for a European medal, even if he has to crack a “hard nut” from Malaysia today at 11:20 am.
It could be particularly one-sided in the women’s singles. There 6 athletes from China are about to make it to the round of sixteen and could turn the YONEX German Junior 2019 into the “small Asian Championships”.

But one thing is certain after two days of competition: In terms of fighting spirit, wit and absolute will, the European nations are in no way inferior to the Asian nations.

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Conclusions after 117 games on the first day

This year, too, Asian dominance is unmistakable. Only three European or Danish mixed pairings have managed to win their first round match against Asian pairs on Thursday. Also to mention is the positive development of France into the badminton top. So many French have become strong opponents for Asians, but the last bit is unfortunately often missing nevertheless.
Some may have wondered why Malaysia came without women this year. When asked why, the Malaysian national coach simply replied that the women were too bad this year and he would bring new ones next year.
From a German point of view, Thursday was a mixed one. Only 7 out of 33 games could be victorious, including only two singles. That shows the still existing distance to the world top.

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YONEX German Junior 2019 – over 300 participants for the first time in Berlin

From 7 – 10 March 2019, the eleventh International German Badminton Youth Championships will take place at the Sportforum Berlin. The organizer, the SG EBT Berlin, has set a new record again. For the first time, the magic threshold of 300 participants was crossed – by the closing date 301 players from 28 countries in Europe, Asia and America had announced their participation.

“We are really very satisfied with the result. That we can top last year’s excellent result once again is extremely gratifying. We are looking forward to another high-class tournament with the best players,” said EBT President and tournament manager Manfred Kehrberg. “This phenomenal result shows once again the enormous importance of the YONEX German Junior in the world. And of course the whole organisation team is happy about that and increases the high anticipation and enthusiasm”, Manfred Kehrberg continues.

Badminton fans can look forward this year, almost traditionally, to players from the Asian and European top nations such as Korea, Indonesia, Malaysia, Denmark, France or England. It is particularly pleasing that the badminton nation par excellence, China, will again be represented at the YONEX German Junior. But also badminton exotics from Peru or Italy will be competing in Berlin.

The YONEX German Junior promise an enormously high quality and internationality in the field of participants again in 2019, which has always distinguished this tournament. The competitions start on Thursday, 07 March, 9:00 am. On three days the finalists of the five disciplines will be determined, who will play the coveted titles on Sunday, March 10th.

As already in the last years, the YONEX German Junior will again offer a lot in the media. Besides the redesigned website, the tournament will be more present than ever in the social media. Facebook, Instagram. and YouTube will carry news, successes and surprises into the world. German Junior TV will also be on the air again, providing moving images of the hall.

The SG EBT Berlin and the German Badminton Association are looking forward to the 11th YONEX German Junior in Berlin and welcome all badminton fans and interested parties in the big hall of the Sportforum Berlin.

See the tournament schedule here.

Marcus Köster
SG EBT Berlin


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YONEX German Junior 2019 – Preparations are in full swing

Already for the eleventh time the organizer SG EBT Berlin start the preparations for the International German Youth Championships. From 7th to 10th March 2019 the big hall of the Sportforum Berlin will once again be the venue of one of the most important youth tournaments in badminton worldwide.

After the record number of participants last year – almost 320 players from 36 countries – the organizer hopes for a similarly high participation in 2019. “For us, the registration result of the YONEX German Junior 2018 was an expression of the good reputation that the tournament and the German badminton sport enjoy in the world. I hope that in 2019 we will again be able to welcome such a large and above all international field of participants in Berlin”, says the chairman of organizer Manfred Kehrberg.

And Manfred Kehrberg’s hope is justified. The Yonex German Junior 2019 continues to have the status of a BWF Youth World Ranking Tournament, so the participants in Berlin, in addition to the coveted title, also fight for valuable youth world ranking points. Therefore we can expect to see the international badminton elite – the best European nations like Denmark, France, England, Holland and Russia, but also leading badminton countries from Asia like China, Japan, Malaysia, Indonesia or Korea. Of course, the best German youths also use the tournament in their own country to compete with the best in the world and gain important international experience.

As in the past years, the YONEX German Junior will once again have a lot to offer in the media. Besides the redesigned website, the tournament will be more present than ever in the social media. Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter will carry news, successes and surprises into the world. German Junior TV will also be on air again, providing moving images of the hall.

And if you want to make a contribution, either as a helper or even as a sponsor, don’t hesitate to contact us via the tournament website – because by supporting the tournament you will also be supporting sport in Berlin!

See you soon in Berlin!

Marcus Köster