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YONEX German Junior 2020 – Day 3

The longest day at Sportforum Berlin was a festival of badminton sports! This is the short but apt conclusion of this third tournament day of the YONEX German Junior 2020. 121 games full of fight and passion, thousands of rallies full of feeling and energy. This third day showed once more what the sport of badminton has in store for players and spectators.

As announced, today we slowly but surely entered the hot phase of the tournament. The quarter-finalists of the singles and doubles competitions and the eighth-finalists in mixed were determined. And now there were the first surprises: the number 1 in the men’s singles and the men’s doubles, which were seeded to 2, lost already in round 3. Surprising but very pleasing from a German point of view is the progress of two mixed pairs who want to make it into the last eight tomorrow.

And there was another insight on this third day, the ladies from Asia are simply better! In the singles as well as in the doubles there are no European players in the tournament anymore. In the men’s singles it looks a bit more balanced.

In any case, we can be curious how things will continue tomorrow, because one thing is for sure, the fastest setback sport in the world is showing its very best side these days in Berlin.

Marcus Köster

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Where there is light, there is also shadow – Kian-Yu Oei (GER)

Kian-Yu Oei unfortunately could not win his singles match this morning. His opponent from Nepal overtook Kian in the third set and won 21:5, but he did much better in the doubles and won surprisingly easily at the side of his partner Malik Bourakkadi against Bennet Peters/Aaron Sonnenschein, who also come from Germany. Now the cracker is waiting at 20:45 against an Indonesian pairing. Maybe we will see this high class match on Livecourt 3.

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YONEX German Junior 2020 – Day 2

Again it was 9:00 am when the first shuttlecocks flew through the Sportforum Berlin, the first round in mixed was on the schedule.  A colourful mixed as well as high class field of participants, the biggest next to women and men singles. Exactly with these competitions it went on in the further course. The second day of the tournament was concluded with the games in the doubles competitions, so that all disciplines could be marvelled at on this day in the sports forum.

As on the previous day, there were no big surprises, and many Germans were able to score a success for themselves. However, there were already signs of Asian dominance in the women’s event, which from a European point of view should be contained or at least not be left behind.

This or something similar could also be the motto for tomorrow, when things slowly get going. On the presumably longest day of the tournament, beginning at 9:00 am and ending at around 10:00 pm, the wheat is separated from the chaff and the quarter-finalists, except for Mixed, will be determined in two further rounds of matches.

Those who should not make it into the halls can now enjoy the YONEX German Junior 2020 on Youtube, because as of today the livestream is not only on but also on the popular video service.

Marcus Köster

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Korea Special

Korea has been the best nation for YONEX German Junior for years. Not only the other players are happy about the regular participation, but also the spectators in the sports forum get their money’s worth. Physis, exciting and spectacular rallies and a lot of atmosphere in the hall are guaranteed when the Koreans serve. Let’s see how far they get this year.

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The ladies’ singles are played!

The women’s competition is now over and the men’s doubles will start. There were no big surprises. We are now looking forward to high-speed badminton from Asia, Europe and the whole world. Come and visit us at the Sportforum or watch Court 3 in the livestream.