YONEX German Junior 2018 – Entry record to the 10th anniversary

From 8-11 March 2018, the arena of Sportforum Berlin will be the venue of the International Junior Badminton Championships of Germany for the tenth time. Local hosting club SG EBT Berlin is proud to announce a new entry record. Up to the entry deadline almost 300 players from 37 European, Asian and American nations announced their participation. That result is beating the previous year’s record (225 players, 31 nations) by far. “We are virtually overwhelmed by the entry result. This year’s tournament will be the largest German Junior we have hosted so far and this coinciding with the 10th anniversary, what else could you want?!”, says EBT president and org team coordinator Manfred Kehrberg with delight. “One more time that phenomenal entry result confirms the extremely high status of the German Junior worldwide and consequently it has raised the anticipation of the organizational team even more.” Kehrberg continues.

Traditionally, Badminton fans can look forward to players from the Asian and European top nations such as Korea, Indonesia, Malaysia, Denmark, France, and England. Vietnam is joining for the first time. Particularly pleasing is the participation of China after three year’s abstinence. Yet, Badminton exotics such as El Salvador, Egypt, and Israel will start too.

Again, the German Junior 2018 promise enormous quality and internationality. Matches will start on Thursday at 9.00 am. During the first three days the finalists for Sunday, 11 March, are determined. A detailed timetable will be announced in time.

Once again, the YONEX German Junior will offer a broad media coverage. Besides the website www.german-junior.de and the Facebook performance www.facebook.com/GermanJunior.Badminton, German Junior TV will broadcast. Interviews, stories and re-live matches can be watched at all times at www.german-junior.tv and the youtube channel of SG EBT Berlin www.youtube.com/ebtberlin.

SG EBT Berlin and the German Badminton federation are looking forward to the 10th German Junior and warmly welcome all players, officials and Badminton enthusiasts.

Marcus Köster
SG EBT Berlin